What We Do

Catalyst Kinetics Health provides specialized therapeutic services to help you move better!
We integrate specialized soft tissue techniques with clinical exercise and therapeutic movement to get you feeling better so you can keep moving!
We believe that movement has the power to ignite creativity and to heal body, mind and even spirit.

We love to Move! Let us help you Move Better!

Catalyst Kinetics Pilates Calgary

Why Pilates? Because there is nothing like it.

This is strength training and breath work put together.  This is core training and postural awareness at its finest.  This  workout just can’t be mimicked in a typical gym setting. You won’t just look taller and leaner; you will feel long and strong.  Pilates feels great.  Isn’t that the point of exercise?


Pilates is great for rehabilitating injuries and a fantastic way to exercise when there is pain.  We can reboot your neuromuscular system, help you rediscover musular balance, and work out of movement patterns that are not serving you well.


This is the missing piece of your fitness puzzle.  Give it a try!  What have you got to lose?

Integrated Soft Tissue Theraphy

What is Integrated Soft Tissue Therapy? 


It is not your average massage therapy treatment.  This is Therapeutic Massage, but with lots of extras!   These sessions incorporate manual therapy with expertise in clinical exercise, postural education and pain management.  Although treatments address the whole body, Integrated Sessions tend to be more clinical than relaxation focused, and aim to address your primary injury and pain concerns effectively.

At Catalyst Kinetics, we integrate specialized soft tissue techniques and massage therapy with clinical exercise, active therapeutic movement and postural re-education within the same session! Patients receive an individualized and effective therapeutic experience which is both energizing and restorative.


Our unique approach is ideal for:


  • Pre and post-natal moms with pelvic instability and pain
  • Chronic pain and headache
  • Post injury rehabilitation
  • Return to fit athletes
  • Chronic disease management
Clinical Excercise

Exercise and movement are powerful therapeutic tools as well as essential components of health and vitality. At Catalyst Kinetics we help create a personalized strategy and approach to exercise that helps you achieve your goals and overcome specific challenges, while respecting limitations due to pain, injury and life circumstances.

Catalyst Kinetics’ Clinical Exercise Physiologists (CEP’s) provide specialized analysis, exercise guidance, support and training for motivated people who are interested in:


  • Returning to fitness after injury or post-partum
  • Perinatal health and pelvic stability
  • Managing pain and headache with exercise
  • Exercising with a medical condition
  • Optimizing certain medical procedures and treatments such as:
  • Trigger point injections
  • Prolotherapy
  • Pelvic physiotherapy
  • Elevating mood and managing depression


Not sure which exercise session is right for you?  Just want to chat about your situation? Book a Clinical Exercise Consultation! Maybe you are working with a trainer or exercise independently, but are looking for some advice regarding how to integrate rehab exercise into your workout.  Perhaps you have a medical condition or are experiencing persistent pain.


Knowing which exercises are best for you and how to exercise appropriately is our specialty.

Group Excercise

Specialized group education seminars and group fitness sessions are available and can be customized to your needs.

 Some examples of our most popular offerings are:


  • Return to Fit after Baby Bootcamp (8 weeks)
  • Body after Baby Basics Workshop: What you need to know about getting fit safely after the birth of your baby
  • Still Standing Strong – Recovering Body and Mind: Group Exercise for Moms of Stillborn Babies
  • Fit Mom Forever – Just for Moms class designed to help navigate some of the common barriers to fitness such as:
    • Managing mild incontinence
    • Exercising with prolapse (what should I NOT do?)
    • Pacing your return to fitness
    • Fitting fitness back into your life (supportive real life strategies from a mom who knows the struggles first hand)
    • Exercising with pelvic instability and pain
    • What is your exercise personality?
    • Body image barriers to fitness