Return to Fit

Recovering from injury can be a time consuming investment of time and energy.

Return to Fit

But to be able to resume the activities that you enjoy with the people you enjoy doing them with makes it worthwhile!


More often than not, getting back into the pursuits you once did with ease can flare up the symptoms of the condition you just finished rehabilitating. To make things even more frustrating, often other aches and pains seem to creep out of the woodwork as well, making exercising with any level of intensity extremely difficult, and the idea of returning to your sport seem like an unattainable goal.


Why is it we can describe this scenario with such accuracy? Because we have lived it too….more than a few times!


Let Catalyst Kinetics assist your return to fitness by:


  • correcting some of the imbalances which might be getting in your way,
  • teaching you exercise techniques and modification to your activities
  • modifying your approach to training and fitness to allow your body to adjust to new volumes of activity without aggravating old injuries and pain