Catalyst Kinetics Pilates Calgary

Therapeutic Pilates


Pilates is a foundational exercise system which emphasizes strengthening the body in a balanced and functional manner. Pilates workouts develop whole body stability and muscular endurance while increasing mobility of the spine and improving balance and posture. You will leave these sessions feeling taller, more balanced, and breathing more deeply. Pilates is an excellent adjunctive strength training regime for athletes, as well as those returning to activity and recovering from injury. Shannon is trained in the STOTT Pilates Method.

Individual sessions can be booked for 30, 45 and 60 minutes.


Pilates PLUS


Looking for a little more out of your Pilates workouts? A PLUS session might be for you. This is a workout with a therapeutic focus. Expect more problem solving and assessment, and some hands on manual therapy to work out the kinks as we go! An individualized Pilates workout will be interspersed with postural re-education, active assisted stretching, soft tissue mobilization and release.

These sessions require a minimum 45 minute booking.

Sessions may be eligible for insurance coverage.


Group Pilates Classes


We look forward to offering Group MAT classes and Group Reformer sessions in the near future. Please stay tuned for these exciting additions!