Chronic Pain and Headache

Chronic pain and headache affects many people.

Catalyst Kinetics Chronic Pain and Heachache

Those who suffer from chronic conditions do not respond typically to treatment, and frequently are not able to engage in work, leisure and social pursuits the way they used to. Chronic pain can change the way we learn and feel and move.  There are tools and techniques to start to reprogram the brain and body’s experience of pain,to  improve responses to treatment and to function more optimally.


Let us show you how!


Those who experience chronic headache cope with unrelenting discomfort and interruptions to normal functions in daily life.  Evidence shows that 20% of work related absences are related to migraine headache. Despite this, headache conditions are widely misunderstood as minor concerns. Migraine is one of the most common reason for patients seeking help from primary care clinicians is is commonly underdiagnosed.  Headache is typically poorly managed and comprehensive treatment which includes trigger and lifestyle managment, has been shown to be critical to improving patient outcomes.   People who experience headache face significant psychosocial stressors due to their condition.


We understand headache disorders.  We understand chronic pain. We can help!


Catalyst Kinetics aims to assist those with chronic pain and headache to manage symptoms and improve their daily ability to function by integrating self management tools and pain education into our treatment approach. By managing and correcting the biomechanical changes which accompany chronic pain and headache, we help people improve their level of function and activity and increase their sense of well being.