Shannon Rogers

Shannon Rogers

BSc Ex Phys, RMT, CEP, 

Chronic Pain Specialist & Functional Rehabilitation Specialist

Catalyst Kinetics Health Services

Background and Experience


Shannon has over 20 years experience in the rehabilitation field. She obtained a Bachelor of Science from the University of Calgary and is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CEP) specializing in the management of chronic pain, headache disorders and TMJ related issues.  She spent 15 years in her role as kinesiologist at the AHS Calgary Chronic Pain Program and CHAMP where she developed her clinical interest and expertise in chronic pain and headache management.  Her previous massage therapy experience encompassed sport performance and orthopedic injuries, as well as pain and headache management.  Shannon is STOTT Pilates trained and is pursuing a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Sciences while managing her private practice.

Shannon has special clinical interest in the areas of:

  • pelvic pain and stability
  • perinatal and women’s health
  • chronic pain and headache
  • return to fit clients
  • TMJ and sleep disordered breathing issues


Shannon also has a special personal interest in helping mothers who have suffered still birth and infant loss cope with grief through exercise initiatives.

Outside of work, Shannon enjoys staying active with her family, adventures on the West Coast, writing, and gardening.

She loves the colour red, travel and her morning cappuccino.

She is a born and raised Calgarian, and is proud to be raising her family within the same dynamic and supportive community.

 Integrated approach to patient care

Shannon empowers people to get back into the driver’s seat of their lives by reclaiming their ability to move and function well!  She is a Chronic Pain and Functional Rehabilitation Specialist integrating pain science with rehabilitation principles to address pain and dysfunction. Using a wholistic and integrated approach to problem solving, Shannon explores many factors which influence health and function.  She helps patients incorporate self-management tools which reduces their reliance on ongoing treatment. Her approach combines manual soft tissue techniques with clinical and rehabilitative exercise, as well as postural re-education, breathing and motor control techniques.

Empowering patients to make positive health change

Optimizing health often requires shifting perspective and cultivating different behaviours.  Shannon helps facilitate this process differently. Here’s how:

  • Patient Education – Shannon ensures her patients understand their condition and the opportunities available to improve it.
  • Understands Her Patients’ Goals – By listening to what health changes are important to her patients, Shannon can help them achieve results which are meaningful.  Therapy is patient focused and highly successful.
  • Helps with the HOW – Utilizing self management and behaviour change tools including ‘Health Change Methodology TM’, Shannon helps her patients identify not only what changes to make, but how to make those changes.  She helps patients strategize to overcome barriers specific to their health condition, and unique to their personal situation.
  • Active Collaboration – Shannon knows that health outcomes improve when clinicians communicate about patients’ treatments.  Shannon actively collaborates with colleagues to ensure her patients’ care is coordinated and optimized.

 Movement for health and happiness

Exercise is medicine!  Evidence supports exercise for managing chronic disease, chronic pain and mental health.  Prescribing exercise for those with medical concerns is a specialty which requires advanced training.  As a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Shannon offers consultations to help people use exercise to improve  these conditions.  She provides workshops and lectures to patient groups and for workplace settings.

Shannon loves to help people find joy in movement and discover health through activity.

Catalyst Kinetics Health Services

 My passion for movement started at a very young age.  Here is my story.

My love of dance started very young.  I begged to try ballet at two years old, and danced competitively until I was 18.  My mom believed in providing us with varied athletic opportunities so thanks to her, I developed not only a love for dance, but a keen interest in many physical activities!  Team sports and outdoor pursuits dominated my time as a teen, and I developed a love for rowing and adventure racing after graduating from university.

These days career demands and motherhood mean I engage in new physical adventures less often than I’d like, but I maintain a simple goal: to be able to enjoy being active with my family for my entire life.

Although I have been active all of my life, injuries and pain have limited my ability to move.

As is the story for many people, movement has not always felt good for me. After enduring two car accidents, giving birth to my five children and experiencing other sports-related wear and tear, the joy that used to come from moving my body was lost to me.

I found excellent therapists to help me heal. Treatments included a few exercises to rehabilitate my injuries, but I found myself craving something more.

I wanted integrated hands-on therapy with a dedicated therapeutic exercise program that could help me completely recover, return to function, and get back to my usual exercise routine and fitness level.

The concept for this company was based on my inability to find this service anywhere. I decided to create a therapeutic practice approach which would help people feel better, then help them exercise effectively so they could move better…..for life!

Guiding Principles

For me, moving better means enjoying my life more!

My passion is to help you do that too, no matter what stage of your life you are in, the nature of your activity goals, or the limitations you currently face.

Here are the principles which guide my approach to treatment:

  • Effective treatment is efficient. It is individualized to your needs, specific to your goals and respects your time and resource limitations.
  • No one person can do everything. If what I can offer you isn’t helping, I will point you to someone who can.
  • You know your body better than I do. You live in it! As your therapist, I can facilitate your process of feeling better and living better. But this is your body and your journey. You are the pilot. I am just your wingwoman.
  • Movement has the power to ignite creativity and to heal body, mind and even spirit. I have witnessed this in my own life. I’d like to help you experience this for yourself.
  • Movement should be fun! I believe I can help you find joy in movement too. Whether your goal is performance based or simply to move for the sheer joy of it, I can help you get there.